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Apple iPad3 for As Low As $299 This 2012?

According to sources of the Taiwanese tech website, there will be two versions of the 2012 iPad, which some are already calling iPad3; One targeting the high-end segment while the other is in the midrange price category. The two new iPad models, they say, will both run on an Apple A6 processor - with yet to be disclosed features - but the high-end model will come with a high resolution screen (2048x1536) and the mid-tier model will sport the same display as iPad 2 (1024x768). 

But the more interesting bit has to do with the pricing scheme for the mid-level iPad.

If you notice, the price schedule of Apple's tablet has been the same since the release of the first generation iPad in 2010. The most affordable Wifi-only variant starts at $499 with the price going up to $829 for the most expensive 3G variant.

While it isn't definite yet, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB Wifi-only versions of the 2012 midrange iPad are expected to sell for only $299, $349 and $399, respectively. Such aggressive pricing strategy, researchers say, could seriously affect sales and prices of similar products by competitors, including Amazon Kindle, which currently sells for $199.

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