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Malicious Android Virus Spreading Through Legitimate Apps

Heads up Android users: Symantec has just identified a certain nasty bug going around targeting Android devices, hiding inside legitimate apps. Dubbed Android.Counterclank, Symantec says the bug is a bot-like threat that can receive commands to trigger certain actions, as well as steal information on any device it’s in. 

This particularly nasty piece of malware is currently the biggest distribution of any malware identified so far this year, meaning it’s currently spreading like wildfire. Symantec has helpfully provided a list of applications that this bug has been riding in, so if you have downloaded ANY of the apps below, it’d be best if you uninstall the app and do a wipe on your device. Another way to identify if this bug is currently residing in your phone is the  presence of a Search icon above on the home screen, and if there are two instances of an app running when you open it.

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