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'Waterproof' Samsung Galaxy S3 Officially Announced

Speculation that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be waterproof got a fresh layer of cred today, after it emerged that the phone-maker has purportedly held talks with a US provider of nano-coating technology.

According to reports at the time, Samsung was investigating a spray called HZO to coat the innards of its phones and render them impermeable.

Today, a second company, P2i, using similar tech has been mentioned in conjunction with the S3.

In a Q&A with TechRadar, P2i claimed that the ‘big Korean brands’, by which we take it he means Sammy and its domestic deadly rival LG, have been running the rule over its waterproof coatings.

Eric Cohill, Chief Operating Officer at P2i, said: "There are several hundred pound gorillas in the phone industry, we've got the 'fruity companies' and the big Korean brands, and they're all becoming interested [in our technology] as they don't want to be second best in the market."

Whether any of this means it’ll be present and correct in the S3 is another matter, of course. But given that there are still three and a half months until the handset’s anticipated launch-date, it’s certainly not out of the question.

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