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Samsung Galaxy S3: Truth Behind Rumors

Samsung is announcing what many have dubbed as one of the most anticipated gadgets in 2012 – the Samsung Galaxy S3, and as with most major announcements, the rumours are flying around the Internet. Find out what can be expect from the new smartphone.

Rumour: The Galaxy S3 will be called the Next Galaxy.
Fact: It is official the new Samsung Galaxy phone will be called the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Rumour: The Samsung Galaxy S3 will use the Exynos 4 Quad chip.
Fact: Yes, it uses that exact CPU.

Rumour: The new Galaxy will be packing 2GB of RAM.
Fact: The Galaxy S3 will use only 1GB or RAM.

Rumour: It will use a rounded and flexible display with a boasting a resolution of 300 pixels per inch, putting it on a par with the iPhone 4S.
Fact: The Galaxy S3 offers a screen resolution of 1280 x 720.

Rumour: The new Galaxy will use a 12MP flush mounted camera, a 2MP front-facing camera and include NFC technology.
Fact: It uses an 8MP rear facing camera and a 1.9MP front facing one. NFC capabilities are also built into the phone.

Rumour: The Samsung Galaxy S3 will run the Android 4 or Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.
Fact: It will run Android 4 with the Samsung TouchWiz skin on top of it.

Rumour: The new Galaxy S3 will be waterproof.
Fact: No mention of the smartphone being waterproof was made at the launch, but a variety of scratch, dust and water resistant covers will be made by 3rd party vendors.

Rumour: Customers will be able to choose between a 16GB and 32GB version.
Fact: A 16, 32 and 64GB version of the Galaxy S3 will be available.

Rumour: It will use an edge-to-edge Super AMOLED 4.6" HD display.
Fact: The Samsung Galaxy will use 4.8" Super AMOLED screen.

Rumour: It will uses a 1 800mAh non-removable battery and won’t include an SD card slot.
Fact: The new Galaxy S3 will use a 1 200mAh battery.

Rumour: It will be able to charge wirelessly.
Fact: Yes, it charge wirelessly.

Rumour: The Galaxy S3 will be only 7mm thick due to the use of printed circuit boards.
Fact: It is 8.6mm thick.

Rumour: It will offer LTE connectivity.
Fact: The Galaxy S3 will first be available in 3G and then later in 4G.

Rumour: It is voice controlled.
Fact: The Samsung Galaxy S3 recognises your voice using S-Voice and lets you take pictures using your voice. It understands up to eight lanuages.

Rumour: It copies your moods.
Fact: The SmartStay feature stays awake when you are, falls asleep when you do.

Rumour: The Samsung Galaxy switches on by you just looking at it.
Fact: The front facing camera activates the phone when you look at it.

Rumour: The Samsung Galaxy S3 will be Bluetooth 4 capable.
Fact: Yes, the phone will support Bluetooth 4.

After the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S3, it announced its media hub, which allows you to download 17-million songs and hundreds of high-definition videos.

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